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carlos lander, diveimmersion



I have many interests, also I'd invest time to scrutinize, study and spend resources on each one of them; I'm still doing it. I like to understand and cultivate my passions, it's matter of living I suppose. If I'm not doing it, I feel a void, a lack of purpose.
It's difficult this kind of urge to keep going and, at some point what I want to do is share what I learned in so many years of self-taught.
That's the purpose of my websites, libraries, podcast and so on. I’m a good instructor, web programmer, etc. I hope you’ll find my content useful and If you desire recruit me. ;)

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What I do

carlos lander, diveimmersion

Environmental and Educational Projects

I have a team of professional prepared to evaluate and direct environmental studies, for example: zoning, land use and local politics.

carlos lander, diveimmersion

Websites programing and IT assistance

I understand technology and I build your project with the right tech need it for accomplished it.
I include web programing.

carlos lander, diveimmersion

Diving courses
Repair services

Recreational, Xtended Range, Archaeology, Scientific, Public Safety.

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